Change is Afoot!

Many of you may notice when you come to the Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp page that the name has changed. This is just a rebranding to reflect what the business has become. Due to many changes over the years, including moving out of my office space and refocusing on teaching my own classes by developing online courses, Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp moved from having multiple writing instructors to just one- founder Rachel Pilcher. This page will soon begin to redirect you to the updated website.
I've enjoyed doing this work and hope that you'll continue to follow me through this journey!
If you're looking for the Facebook page, it can still be found by searching Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp...that is until I can slowly work through the process of getting the name changed! Here is the direct link, which was easier to change:
You can join me there for the Facebook Live Episode 7 on Sunday, July 15th at 6pm CST.
I look forward to working with you while I take this journey.
Rachel Pilcher